Five Alarms Greenwood Crawls

Lit Crawls Which Occurred Seasonally 2012-2013

Shout Out and Recaps

Thanks to the following shout out from Seattle-based electronic arts magazine Wonder and Risk.

Interested in seeing additional reviews? Check out what curators Aaron Kokorowski and Graham Isaac have to say.

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Greenwood Crawl #5 Gets Written About

Check this lovely post from Lillian of City Arts. She said such thorough things about the crawl:

In front of the library, standing above the crowd atop a sculpture of boulders, poet Christine Deavel began reading a series of poems all fittingly centered on the theme of walking. Deavel, along with her husband, runs and owns one of the few all-poetry bookstores in the country, Wallingford’s Open Books, and so spends much of her time entrenched in the art of poetry. As she read, her natural cadence and sharp enunciation displayed her comfort and learned poetic expertise to the audience. Coming after heavy-handed political poet Benjamin Schmitt, who’d read at Makeda Coffee as part of the crawl’s second stop, Deavel’s quick-witted, smoothly rhythmic poems seemed to reinvigorate audience members who were now beginning their third hour of readings.

It’s sad to think that the crawls are over now, but we (Aaron, Graham, and Greg) appreciated how successful they were and their impermanence. That said, we hope folks will continue the literary arts events up in Greenwood, and we think that Naked City in particular deserves to have a regular happening in their event space.

#5 Summer, 2013

Five alarms V poster for PDF

Furnishments (7218 Greenwood Ave N)
Arlo Smith
Michael Overa
Chelsea Kurnick

Makeda Coffee (153 N 78th St)
Matthew Pritchard
Benjamin Schmitt

Greenwood Library (front garden) (8016 Greenwood Ave N)
Christine Deavel
Charles Mudede

Chocolati (8319 Greenwood Ave. N)
Luke Johnson
Aimee Suzara
Anna Wolff

Naked City Brewery (8564 Greenwood Ave N)
Imani Sims
Summer Robinson
Maged Zaher

(Facebook Event Link)

#4: Spring, 2013


Saturday, April 20th, 2013

We call this crawl “545” and do not have much more to say than that.


Edit: Thomas Gray will be unable to perform, and Kris Hall has been added!

7:00 PM Ampersand Pantry & Cafe – 424 N 85th St. Suite A
(on the corner of N. 85th Street & Dayton Ave. N.)
Steve Potter
Laura Neuman
Robert Kaye

8:00 PM Neptune Coffee – 8415 Greenwood Ave N
Raul Sanchez
Corinne Manning
Janie Miller

9:00 PM The Yard Cafe – 8313 Greenwood Ave N
Roberto Ascalon
Chris Gusta
Lydia Swartz

10:00 PM Naked City Brewery & Taphouse – 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Greg Bem
Rauan Klassnik
Laura Wachs
Kris Hall

#3: Winter, 2013

A Quintet of Quays

It’s time again to crawl the streets of Greenwood with a team of local literary all-stars! Join us Saturday, January 26th for an evening of fantastic sounds, dazzling sights, and preposterous words that will make you go hmmmmm and yesssssssssss! Our fabulous hosts will have plenty of refreshments on hand, show up early and stay late. You will not want to miss the third edition of Five Alarms Greenwood Lit Crawls.

Our journey will begin at Greenwood Chocolati Cafe. Meet us there at 5:00pm for extraordinary performances by Aaron Kokorowski, David Lasky, and Morris Stegosaurus. Next up, we will cross the street over to Couth Buzzard Books to see Aaron Kemply, Arlene Kim, and Theo Dzielak. Follow the crawl down the street and take a moment between Couth Buzzard and Bherd Studios Gallery to experience an outdoor performance by Molly Mac. Once up the stairs at Bherd Studios, be ready for Emily Wittenhagen, Queequeg, and Doug Nufer. The evening will conclude at Naked City Brewery, with performances by Tessa Hulls, John Burgess, Amy Billharz, and Karen Finneyfrock!

The schedule is an approximate guideline for the evening, and times are subject to variance.

I. 5:20-6:10PM – Chocolati 8319 Greenwood Ave. N
Aaron Kokorowski, David Lasky, Morris Stegosaurus

II. 6:20-7:10 – Couth Buzzard 8310 Greenwood Ave. N
Aaron Kemply, Arlene Kim, Theo Dzielak

III. 7:20 -7:30 – outdoor presentation
Molly Mac

IV. 7:35 -8:30 – Bherd Studios 312 N. 85th St. Suite 101
Emily Wittenhagen, Queequeg, Doug Nufer

V. 8:40 -9:30 – Naked City Brewery 8564 Greenwood Ave. N
Amy Billharz, Tessa Hulls, Joun Burgess, Karen Finneyfrock

This is a free event, please tip your bartenders and baristas well!

Come join the event on Facebook!

#2: Autumn, 2012

8319 Greenwood Ave N
Sara Brickman
Alex Bleecker
Anastasia Tolbert

UPDATE: the second venue is now The Yard next to Chocolati Due to a last mminute cancellation from Angry Beaver. 

Angry Beaver (previously Pig ‘N Whistle)-7:20pm
8412 Greenwood Ave N
Jesse Minkert
Elyse Brownell
Sarah Galvin
Raanan David

Urban Light Studios-8:10pm
8537 Greenwood Ave N
Graham Isaac
Jason Conger
Amber Nelson

8550 Greenwood Ave N
Daemond Arrindell
Jeanine Walker
Jeremy Springsteed
Judith Roche

Fall Preview Flier

#1: Summer 2012

Sound the alarm! Five Alarms is bringing 14 of the hottest acts in Seattle literature to the burgeoning scene in Greenwood! Come crawl the streets of this North Seattle jewel of a neighborhood that has long fostered a variety of art, music, literature, and theater. Performances are scheduled at five fantastic venues between 75th and 85th streets on the night of Friday, July 13th. The first reading will begin at 6:45PM at the always colorful Tasty, who is no stranger to showcasing some of the finest artists in the NW. Meet us there and follow us as we crawl down Greenwood, or show up early and snag front row seats for your favorite performer. The festivities will conclude with an all-star poetry performance at Naked City Brewery at approximately 9:25PM. The night will incorporate spoken word, prose, performance art, dance—and surprises all along the way. A complete list of approximate times, venues and performers is below:

7513 Greenwood Ave N
Eva Suter
Evan Peterson

Makeda Coffee-7:25pm
153 N 78th St
Willie Fitzgerald
Tara Atkinson
Jamey Braden Von Mooter

Art on the Ridge-8:05pm
8005 Greenwood Ave N
Four Hoarse Men
Thomas Walton

Neptune Coffee-8:45pm
8415 Greenwood Ave N
Bill Carty
Words Plus
Kate Lebo

Naked City Brewing-9:25pm
8564 Greenwood Ave N
Bryan Miller
Robert Lashley
Brian McGuigan
Paul Nelson

click here for the other flier version.

Please check out the Facebook event page here.

7/10/12 Update: Five Alarms has made the Stranger Suggests for the week!