Greenwood Crawl #5 Gets Written About

by Greg Bem

Check this lovely post from Lillian of City Arts. She said such thorough things about the crawl:

In front of the library, standing above the crowd atop a sculpture of boulders, poet Christine Deavel began reading a series of poems all fittingly centered on the theme of walking. Deavel, along with her husband, runs and owns one of the few all-poetry bookstores in the country, Wallingford’s Open Books, and so spends much of her time entrenched in the art of poetry. As she read, her natural cadence and sharp enunciation displayed her comfort and learned poetic expertise to the audience. Coming after heavy-handed political poet Benjamin Schmitt, who’d read at Makeda Coffee as part of the crawl’s second stop, Deavel’s quick-witted, smoothly rhythmic poems seemed to reinvigorate audience members who were now beginning their third hour of readings.

It’s sad to think that the crawls are over now, but we (Aaron, Graham, and Greg) appreciated how successful they were and their impermanence. That said, we hope folks will continue the literary arts events up in Greenwood, and we think that Naked City in particular deserves to have a regular happening in their event space.